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When it comes crucial automotive systems, steering is right up there with the engine and the brakes. The inner workings of this important component are pretty cool.

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Most adhesives used for metal bonding are of the anaerobic type. These adhesives require the absence of oxygen before curing can start. At least one mating surface must be porous ...

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Customer specific product devepo-
pment - no problem for electronic! Our engineering departments in the several MEDER subsidiaries possess highly distinct engineer and application knowledge.

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Enterprises affiliated factories have advanced imported from abroad and Taiwan multi-station machine, CNC automatic lathes and precision of secondary processing equipment. Products from wire drawing to the plating of consistent processes, quality control can meet the requirements of customers. Authority and actuarial costs in the production process to achieve high-quality, low-cost strategy, manufacturers can quickly supply to the world, to establish a new model of relations with the world’s giant international customers and strategic alliances to ensure cold forging technology advantage and maintain bolts products for the leading position in the industry. Products have been exported to the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions; company is committed to research and development of products, quality continues to increase, so in addition to OEM, is a professional manufacturer with international ODM, OBM’s. Service, quality, management has obtained ISO9001, TS16949 and ICBO other related certification, to provide customers with better quality assurance.

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